A New Breed of Magazine

For many of us, reading about wine can seem daunting. We are familiar with a brand of wine journalism that focuses more on the details of a particular wine than it does on the context in which we are drinking it. But with the help of a new breed of wine and drinks publications, wine journalism is starting to evolve into something that sits more naturally alongside our other lifestyle choices, encouraging us to offer it the same consideration that we would the food that we eat or the clothes that we wear. We’ve chosen four publications that caught our attention with their visual matter and thoughtful narrative on a topic that struggles to capture a younger audience around it.



Alquimie is a drinks publication founded by editor Josh Alias and creative director Nicholas Cary in Australia. They ruminate on all manner of drinks, from wine and spirits to coffee and even water. From the gold foiling on the front cover, to the clean minimalist photography and considered tone of voice, Josh and Nicholas have skilfully pushed wine and drinks into a non traditional environment.


Noble Rot

Noble Rot is a food and wine magazine founded by Mark Andrew and Dan Keeling in London. Aesthetically it feels more like a grown up zine, using playful illustration to create a fun, open environment in which people can read and learn about wine. You’ll find interviews with musicians such James Murphy and Brian Eno to chefs and prolific wine writers such as Jamie Goode.

Mark and Dan also have their own restaurant and wine bar that goes by the same name on Lambs Conduit Street in Holborn, London.



Where Alquimie and Noble Rot are more visual, Tong is all about smart, detail orientated commentary on wine. Each journal explores one topic, either a grape variety (for example Nebbiolo), wine style (Champagne) or influence (Oak). The design is simple, but beautiful, using only one colour and two fonts throughout each issue. It drills down into the minute details, carrying with it a lot of wine terminology that will delight those that have an existing interest and knowledge of wine.


The Artful Eater

The Artful Eater is one man’s personal commentary on food and wine. Edward Behr, an American writer, is somewhat an authority on food and has also written several books, including the brilliant Art of Eating. Much like in his books, Behr crafts traditional prose about food and wine related topics in an honest, candid and non-trend related way.